Early Testing and Treatment Save Lives

We are a dedicated group of physicians and other healthcare professionals focused on all things COVID-related.  We take a unique approach to both testing and treatment.  Our PCR tests are administered using saliva instead of nasal swabs and are accurate and reliable for diagnosing COVID-19.  However, unlike normal testing we also test for “viral load,” a potential indicator predicting the severity of the disease. This allows us to adjust our treatment protocols to protect you better.

Our treatment plans are individualized to meet the specific needs and circumstances of each patient.   Treatment plans are designed to strengthen and optimize the body’s immune system and to protect against the devastating effects of this disease.   Whether you are concerned about contracting COVID-19, have been diagnosed with the disease or are experiencing long term effects after getting over the disease, we are here to be your partner during this stressful period.

With so much conflicting and confusing  information on how to manage this new and novel disease, we want to be your trusted partner that has a plan for you.

Treatment protocols

Produced by Physicians that have had COVID and have first-hand knowledge on what is needed to deal with this disease.

State of the art testing

Provides us valuable information like viral load (amount of virus in your body) to help guide our therapy.

Supplement recommendations to help optimize your immune system.

Same day appointments.

Eary treatment and testing save lives


Follow up appointments can be taken from the comfort of your home by connecting with us through the internet. 

Infusion therapies

Potential infusions include: Monoclonal antibodies, Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Myers Cocktail.  

A Partner with a plan

Having a healthcare provider that will guide you through this infection can be not only lifesaving, but it also provides you with peace of mind during this stressful infection as well as provides your caregivers a plan to help you recover.

We Have Testing and Treatment Solutions You Need

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