“I tell everyone about you.  You were a beacon of lifght;  we had a wonderful experience!”

Husband & Wife, Cameron, NC

“I tell everyone about you.  You were a beacon of lifght;  we had a wonderful experience!”  

Older Husband & Wife

“We need to put one in Sanford! I said I am extreamly satisfied but that’s only because over the moon isn’t an option!  Thanks for helping us!”

Sanford Resident

“Glad you were here to help us.”

Male from Chapel Hill, NC

“So glad that we are here and people don’t have to go to the emergency room.  Everybody was so good.  I tell everybody about you, so glad that you guys are here.  I appreciate you all, we walked in and dwalked out better.  I am willing to do a testimonial if I can do it without crying, we’re so thankful.”

70 Yr Old Husband & 68 Yr Old Wife Spring Lake, NC


Resident of Sanford, NC

“My husband was pretty sick.  Took him to the Covid Treatment Clinic, once there they took us right in.  The staff was absolutly great!  While my husband was being treated they ran a Covid test on me and found out I too had Covid.  So I was also treated.  By weeks end we were both feeling much better.  I have recommended you to everyone I talk to.  I also hand out your flyer.  So many people have no idea that there is a treatment for Covid, and are excited when they hear about it!  Keep up the great work!”

L Lane

Integrated Pain Solutions Staff

“Really feel that we, Covid Treatment Clinics, saved my husband’s life.”

Southern Pines , NC Resident

“Really appreciated the care, everyone was very friendly and willing to help.”

Female 73 Years Old, Pinehurst, NC

“You guys did an excellent job!  I was in really bad shape when I got to you but I was better within 7 days.”

Female Resident of Sanford, NC

“So glad I went to see you all!  Sick when I came in and felt better when I left.  Thanks”

Female Spout Springs, NC

“Had a wonderful experience.  Dr. Farmer is amazing!”

Female from Graham, NC

“Really appreciated the care, everyone was very friendly and willing to help.”

73 Year Old Patient

“Thank you!”

Female Patient 70 Yrs Old

“I have recommended your clinic to others and they too received excellent treatment.”

59 Yrs Old Female Sanford, NC

“Very good service.  I was treated well as were the 3 other people I referred.  Thank you for what you do.”

52 Yr Old Sanford Resident

“Great place to go for treatment.  Thank you!”


“I love you all!!!”


“Everything was great.  My wife works in the medical field as a Pharmacist and was very impressed with all that the Covid Treatment Clinc did!  I sing your praises to everyone and if you have Covid come see the Covid Treatment Clinics!”

Husband, Eastover, NC

“I am so happy I chose to seek treatment during that time.  The clinic was the best place to go with Covid.”

Male Patient

“Dr. Farmer was awesome and very calming, able to keep me calm.  Everyone was very accommodating and seemed to really care.  I was very impressed.”

Carthage, NC Resident

“Very caring staff and doctor!”


“Really feel you saved my life!”

Male, 68 Yrs old

“Glad that you were still open and able to help.”

Wife from Chapel Hill, NC

Mission Statement


We provide testing and individualized plans combining conventional and alternative treatments for COVID-19. 

Click here to understand how COVID Treatment Clinics came to be.

Frequently Asked Questions About

COVID Treatments

How soon can I be seen?

Immediately.  Early testing and treatment save lives. Implementing therapies early reduces long term health complications and produces a quicker recovery.


Can I do a virtual visit?

We must see you in person for your first visit to access your health status, obtain vital signs and to offer you immediate treatment options. Subsequent visits can be done from the comfort of your home using our telehealth platform.

How long should I expect my appointment to last?

We find that it usually takes about 15-minutes to examine you and provide our recommendations.  Additional time will be needed if monoclonal antibodies or other IV infusions are administered.

Can I be seen even if I have not tested positive for COVID-19?

Yes. We can obtain a rapid test on your first visit and begin to design a treatment plan to optimize your health. Our recommendations and treatments can be of value to fight any pathogens you are expose to.

COVID Testing

What is the cost for testing?

As of March 22nd, the Federal Government is no longer covering COVID testing. COVID testing can be requested for those with or without symptoms. We recommend those who have symptoms take a PCR test, but we can provide a RAPID test. There is no upfront cost for PCR testing with symptoms and your insurance company will be billed directly.  PCR survaillance testing (no symptoms) for travel, employer/employment, and event gatherings is $125.  Rapid testing with or without symptoms is $50 and your insurance company will not be billed.

How soon can I be tested?

We offer walk-in testing at our Cary, Southern Pines, Rockingham, and Laurinburg locations. Our Wilmington location requires an appointment. Please click here for each clinics hours.  


How long for a RAPID test?

Rapid test usually take about 15 minutes. We can certify the test if required by an employer, airline. or other reason. 

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