The Doctor is ordering Travelling for Spring and Summer!

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“We all need a vacation,” says Dr. James Taylor, Medical Director of COVID Treatment Clinics in Cary and Southern Pines, NC. He cites that the stress we have experienced over the last two years has likely challenged our immune systems, and vacation is what the Doctor is ordering! “Spring Break is a great opportunity to build our mental and physical health with post-pandemic  traveling to visit family and friends or just  get away.” Dr. Taylor recently provided advice to the viewers of Good Morning Arizona. Some takeaways everyone can use are:

  1.   Getting out and re-exploring the outdoors has benefits. Camping, hiking, and going to the beach are excellent activities. Being active outdoors increases our vitamin D levels, and physical exercise improves our health. We also benefit from probiotics that are available outdoors, which boosts our immune system.
  2.   Don’t let your guard down. Stay smart! Over the last two years, we’ve learned a great deal about keeping ourselves safe. Many viruses and pathogens are spread through the air, and the skills we’ve learned, social distancing, wearing masks in crowds, and washing our hands, are all still very valuable. And don’t forget practicing good nasal hygiene is still essential. The nose is the pathway for most viruses, and a nasal spray like our CTC Nasal Shield may help.
  3.   Get local knowledge. If traveling to another country or city, call the hotel and find out what local restrictions and permission exist.
  4.   Take a risk assessment of your health. Those with low-risk health conditions should feel great about re-engaging and strengthening their immune system through healthy activities and diet. Those with underlying health conditions need to take a higher risk assessment. For example, perhaps wearing a mask in a restaurant (or casino) and using a hand sanitizer may be competent.
  5.   Stock up on essentials that may be in limited supply. Items such as medications, masks, nasal spray, and hand sanitizer.

Watch the video below

Dr. James Taylor is the founder and chief medical director of several healthcare companies serving North Carolina and the United States. These services include:

Integrated Pain Solutions (IPS)

IPS was founded as Dr. Taylor and Jerri Patterson, CEO NP,  as the need for specialized pain care was in dire need.  

Renewal Solutions 

Pathways to New Beginnings is the motto of the behavioral health arm founded in 2019 under the IPS company. Renewal Solutions offers IV Ketamine, Stellate Ganglion Block, and Psychiatric Services to help those who are not finding relief from depression, anxiety and PTSD with traditional psychotropic medications.


ritualx beginning is rooted in the need to fight the opioid addiction. Ritualx products are derived from the over 100 unique compounds called “cannabinoids”, Cannabinoids work by imitating endocannabinoids, the compounds produced naturally by the body, to promote a state of equilibrium (homeostasis).

COVID Treatments Clinics and COVID Testing Solutions. These separate companies were founded to help the local community fight COVID-19. The phrase “Early Testing and Treatment Save Lives” embodies the mission of these two companies. Thousands have been tested and treated as a result of the pandemic, and a new product was developed, CTC Nasal Shield.