Early Testing Save Lives

RT-PCR Testing

RT-PCR testing has become the gold standard for diagnosing Covid.

We offer results in 24-48 hours. 


We collect your saliva instead of putting a probe up your nose.


Same day appointments and walk-in visits are available.

Reliable Results

We utilize state of the art Thermo Fisher testing platforms to bring testing to the next level.

Superior Result

Viral load is evaluated and a key to guiding our physicians to develop a cost effective treatment plan.

Health Insurance

We find many services are covered by Medicare, Tricare, and most large insurers. Some services require fee for service.

What are the differences between a PCR and an RT-PCR Test?

PRC stands for a polymerase chain reaction. The test is widely used and helps detect anomalies in your DNA and RNA, like a virus. We use an advanced PCR called RT-PCR (real-time polymerase chain reaction), which gives COVID Testing Solutions immediate detection for the COVID-19 virus. Our testing also includes a technology called a thermal cycle. Thermal cycle is the continual heating and cooling of the sample (saliva). The virus will eventually become observable (through fluorescence) after several thermal cycles. Once the traits of the virus become observable, the sample has met the end of the thermal cycle. The fewer the number of thermal cycles required to observe the virus, the greater the concentration of viral material is present.

Conversely, the more cycles required, the smaller the concentration of the virus. The concentration level is known as the viral load. Understanding each patient’s viral-load level is essential for our physician to recommend and implement a treatment plan that helps optimize your immune system.

It is crucial to choose a PCR test that can measure the viral load if you have COVID-19. This step is often overlooked, and the standard treatment recommendation for those contracting the virus is to “drink plenty of fluids and get rest.” To do the minimum leaves your immune system to fight the virus alone.

Optimizing the immune system is essential to reduce symptoms and recover sooner. Quicker recovery rebuilds your immune system and allows your body’s symptoms to return to a more healthy state. Helping the immune system is essential for us and even more critical for those with chronic underlying health issues.

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