Optimizing your Immune System


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I have COVID with SEVERE symptoms.

You are the type of individual that concerns us the most. Severe symptoms can move to body system shutdowns. See a medical professional immediately. The COVID virus can significantly impact your body’s ability to function.

Our Advice

  • See a healthcare professional immediately and receive a treatment plan to address your symptoms. A treatment plan should go beyond rest and plenty of fluids.
  • We offer various treatments to strengthen your immune system to fight a virus’ impact. Call us to learn more at 910-704-5299. For those in Wake County, please use our dedicated phone line – 984-254-0224
I have COVID with Mild Symptoms

Many with COVID-19 may show little to no symptoms. The mild symptoms are attributed to several factors that you can and cannot control. These include the strength of the viral strain, the amount of virus impacting you (we call this viral load), and the condition of your immune system. When a virus enters your body, it begins a battle with your immune symptom. Having severe COVID-19 symptoms requires a robust immune system to reduce the body’s inflammatory response. We greatly encourage you to strengthen your immune system and reduce the likelihood of further exposure to the virus. You can get more viruses! The impact of viral load can cause an increase in acute symptoms and can cause lingering symptoms called long-haul symptoms. Remember that the virus can have a lifetime impact if symptoms worsen.

Our Advice

  • Certainly understand self-care to strengthen your immune system by understanding Plan A. You can find the comprehensive guide by clicking here.
  • Please call us for those who desire a significant boost in your immune system.  Lastly, just because you are currently with no to mild symptoms- protect others from becoming infected—especially those with other medical conditions.
I do not have COVID and want to learn more.

The goal is to keep you safe and prepare yourself if you contract the virus.

Our Advice

Optimize your immune system. Learn how to improve your immune system with the Free Plan A guide.  If you would like more intervention due to greater concerns or chronic illnesses, we can help by using advanced services. You can learn more by clicking here.

Limit your exposure to the virus. Practice social distancing and reduce the number of places you visit.

Improve your oral and nasal hygiene. Good hygiene limits a virus’s ability to enter the body. We offer CTC Nasal Wash that includes Iota Carrageenan, Xylitol, and Sterilized water. You can learn more about CTC Nasal Wash by visiting our dedicated site at www.ctcnasalshield.com.

Preparing your body and mind

prior to a potential infection can be life saving

Optimizing your body before acquiring this virus takes focus and a plan. You will find resources that we offer FREE. We call this Plan A and you can click here to download a copy for your use. Below are a few key areas to optimize your immune system. 

Diet This is at the top of the list. We recommend a low inflammatory diet with a lot of leafy greens and small amounts of protein. Reducing sugar and refined carbohydrates is a must in any healthy diet.

Nutritional Supplements  We find that a compromised immune system lacks many vitamins and minerals to optimize your immune system. An example of this is  Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with poor outcomes in hospitalized patients.

Shielding  The most common method is a mask. However, there are other ways to shield yourself from viruses. For example: CTC Nasal Shield contains Iota-carrageenan that may deactivates viruses and prevents the virus from getting hold.

Mental Health  Having a resilient mind helps produce a resilient body. Download Plan A that provides many suggestions to help create a less stressful, more functional and resilient you.

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