Frequently Asked Questions about COVID 19 Testing

Early testing and treatments save lives

Do I need an appointment? Depends. Some centers have limited parking and will require an appointment. Please click here to choose a location and understand if an appointment is needed. 

Will I have any costs?  Most will NOT incur costs if you have symptoms. Costs for COVID testing services are dependent upon if you are seeking testing due to symptoms or for surveillance. For those with symptoms defined by the CDC no out-of-pocket expenses will occur. Those seeking testing for surveillance reasons will be charged $135.00.  Examples of surveillance are for personal knowledge (visiting family) or for employment requirements. 

Who can get tested at one of our sites? From ages 12 and up. 

Where can I get tested?  We have many centers in Southeastern, North Carolina. Please click here to find a center close to you.

What type test do you offer?  We offer only PCR testing, which is the Gold Standard for COVID-19 testing. Our tests are sensitive to COVID-19 strains including the delta and omicron variants.  We do not offer Rapid Tests at this time. 

How quickly will I receive my results? Our goal is to provide results in 24-48 hours of receiving your sample. This is dependent upon holidays and business hours.

Do you require any registration information? Yes. All testing locations require paperwork to be completed prior to delivering your sample. Please click here to complete this paperwork. 

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