Acute COVID Treatment Plan


You have just received the results of your COVID test, and they were POSITIVE. Now you wonder who you turn to for help?

At COVID Treatment Clinics, we have had exceptional results in treating over 300 COVID-related patients with all variants. This is why CTC is here; and why getting people past COVID is our passion.

COVID Treatment Center Patient D.S.

Phenomenal treatment that works! So grateful for this place! We would come here all over again if we had to! (Hopefully we won’t need to.)

The Acute COVID Treatment Plan*

One-time Cost $225.00

Service Includes Description
Clinical Assessment Our team will perform a medical assessment to include vitals, medical history, medications, symptoms, and allergies which enables us to determine your treatment plan.
Myers’ Cocktail Our goal as you manage COVID-19 is to boost your immune system to fight and recover sooner, increase hydration,  and boost energy levels. The Myers’ Cocktail is given intravenously to quicken absorption and includes B-complex vitamins (9 types including B12), Vitamin C, and Magnesium.
Monoclonal Antibodies. Monoclonal antibodies may be given as part of your treatment plan. Each patient must meet defined criteria. Monoclonal antibodies are not always helpful or guaranteed.     Click here to learn more.

* Health insurers do not cover this type of treatment; however, your insurance may cover Monoclonal antibodies.

COVID Treatment Center Patient B.D.

Thank you all so very much; you all took good care of me. You can call me for a testimonial.

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