We don’t believe an expert on COVID-19 exists, as we all learn more about this disease.  Yet, we believe our experience is unmatched in ACTUALLY treating COVID-19 patients and resolving COVID-related symptoms.

We have treated hundreds of patients to help them overcome COVID-19 symptoms ranging from acute to lingering symptoms that have last weeks and months.  Our motto FIGHT, REPAIR, and RECOVER is based on our experience with over 1,000 patient visits. To help with symptoms we need to fight the virus, repair the body’s inflammatory state, and build an immune system that can recover and thrive beyond our program. Yes, stregthening your immune system beyond our program is our goal.

Our Cary location

216 Ashville Avenue, Cary North Carolina, 27518.


Here is what a few of our patients think of our care.

“I give them a 10 out of 10 for my care to recovery.

I just wanted this over [COVID] and get back to life.”

D. Mac – 45 Year Young Woman

“So, thank you for this clinic and the team. I came in not feeling well and very anxious. I’m leaving feeling great and relieved.”

JS – Senior Adult

“They explained exactly what they were doing and demonstrated care for me as a person. We were pleased to find people that wanted to help with early treatments.”

Husband and Wife

Frequently Asked Questions about our Concierge Treatment Plan

Why a 14-day Treatment Plan? 

Our experience shows that most patients see strong improvements from 10 to 14 days. We recognize everyone is different and requires an individualized treatments plan, yet we find 14 days is the right approach.

      • FIGHT: Lower the viral load. Reducing the amount of virus in your system.
      • REPAIR: Reduce the inflammatory process by rebuilding and strengthening the immune system.
      • RECOVER: To take back your life and make adjustments to keep you healthy for the next round of COVID-19.

What do we offer?

We offer a comprehensive concierge treatment plan for 14-days. Patients choose to come to our clinic or for us to bring the treatment to their home or office.

These services include 14 -day access to concierge care,  monoclonal antibodies, three IV infusions, daily supplements, home equipment ( pulsed oximeter and digital thermometer), prescriptions, nasal hygiene spray, and more.

Key points: Everyone’s treatment plan is individualized based on health factors and COVID symptoms. Our healthcare team stays in touch with each patient “DAILY” to manage a road to recoveryBoth in the office and at home.  This service is essential to help our patients manage and guide them back to health.

What is the cost of this service?

The cost for our 14-day COVID-19 Recovery Program ranges between $2,500 to $3,500 depending upon in-office or in-home service. It is a concierge service that focuses on achieving significant improvement in 14-days.

Why are we offering this service?

We recognize that COVID-19 can be deadly, and many healthcare professionals are limited in their care options and often recommend only bed rest and fluids. Our founder, Dr. James Taylor, found this out first hand with his bout with COVID-19.  (You can read his story by clicking here. )